McDonald’s and Dairy Queen passive aggressively beefing through signs

A McDonald’s location in Marshfield, Missouri, has started a sign war with a neighbouring Dairy Queen, and it’s getting cheekier each day.

The beef between the two fast-food rivals was documented by the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce, no less. They posted photos on their official Facebook page, showing the lettered signboards outside the two establishments having a quiet, but shady, battle.

Of course, McDonald’s was the agent of chaos who started it all when they put up a sign reading, “Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war?”

Dairy Queen’s response was simple, yet cutting.

“We would, but we’re too

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McDonald’s UAE sends free food with thoughtful note to customer, internet reacts

A user appreciated the brand, terming it a small gesture and an unforgettable customer experience. He added that to be the reason why McDonald’s was one of the most valuable brands in the world

A photo of McDonald’s UAE sending free food with thoughtful note to customer is going viral on the internet. Linkedin/@Dom Mernock

The internet is full of heartwarming stories. Apart from being a source of information, the online media has always been a storehouse of inspiring examples that motivate us to follow the path. One such example is of McDonald’s UAE sending free food and a kind

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Veggie Burgers Should Contain Actual Vegetables

In recent years, Impossible and other “meatless meat” companies like Beyond Meat have accomplished full market saturation. After being praised by trendsetting chefs, the brands’ meat-substitute patties have moved to fast-food chains and grocery stores, earned billions in investments, and expanded from faux burgers to faux sausage and faux pork. As Beyond writes on its website, it’s achieved that success by “deliver[ing] the meaty experience you crave without the compromise.” That concession nods to the veggie burger’s place in many peoples’ minds: It’s often considered among the sadder replacement offerings at a cook-out.

It doesn’t need to be that way,

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Spirits & mixers: what’s trending now | News

While a great number of sectors in the food and drink market has felt the impact of the Covid pandemic, arguably few were hit quite as hard as the spirits category. With pubs and bars being closed the hospitality industry got a kick in the shins that it’s only now recovering from, while retailers revelled in the rush of customers looking to create their favourite tipples at home. New formats such as DIY cocktail letterbox kits and monthly memberships blossomed, and some could opine that the ready-to-drink (RTD) sector got a boost too. 

Bringing the party home
A newfound thirst

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Mexican Vegetarian Restaurant Quesadilla La Reina Del Sur Opens In Pilsen As New Bucktown Location Is Delayed

BUCKTOWN — A beloved Mexican vegetarian restaurant is opening a second location in Pilsen while owners wait for city approval to open a renovated location next door to its original Bucktown store.

Quesadilla La Reina Del Sur has operated at Western Avenue and Lyndale Street for more than a decade, serving up meat-free enchiladas, burritos and tortas.

Earlier this year, owners bought the building next door, 2237 N. Western Ave., and began renovating the ground floor to become Quesadilla’s next home.

The restaurant planned to close for only a few weeks this spring while it transitioned to the new building,

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Trouble Coffee in the Outer Sunset has closed after 15 years

Trouble Coffee, at 4033 Judah St., has permanently closed after 15 years, according to the San Francisco Chronicle (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another).

The anti-establishment coffee house was a mainstay in the Outer Sunset community for more than a decade and helped start the influx of new restaurants and bars that turned the beachside neighborhood into a food-centric destination. 

Trouble Coffee was even credited as being the first to make artisanal toast popular, like Texas toast-sized slices with melted butter and cinnamon-sugar or avocado toast, which is now

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