Checking out Epic Deli in McHenry

Checking out Epic Deli in McHenry

McHenry – There is an epic shop in McHenry filled with delicious treats and some unique treats.

We are talking about Epic Deli, a place that offers sandwiches, crazy appetizers, craft beer, and much more.

Five of the over 50 choices on the menu

That is where Tom Barnas takes us in this episode with Chicago Scene.

According to their Facebook page, it states that Epic Deli is “subs, sandwiches, chimichangas, crazy appetizers, craft beer, cold brew coffee, and dessert!!!!”

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That might be an understatement. They have over 50 sandwich items offered, all uniquely crafted for the sandwich enthusiast. Names are picked right out of ’80s pop culture. You can enjoy the “John Bender” or “Screech” sandwich, often feeling like a complete meal.

Owner, Tyler Widley distinct charm is proudly displayed. “Yes, I have a ‘Rad’ movie poster, it’s my favorite movie,” he said. For those of us of a certain age, you can appreciate everything in this space. From the Rad movie poster to the vintage arcade games.

Truly, it’s the place you picture the entire cast of the Netflix series, Stranger Things to take place in. There’s even a nod to the streaming series on one of the walls.

Be on the lookout for a couple of the local names of some of the sandwiches. You’ll see the Smoking Pope and JVO sandwiches, both perfectly curated by their namesake along with Widley’s perfect touch.

Epic Deli is worth the trip. When you stop in, be sure to ask for Tyler.

He’s the guy in the Polk High jersey.

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Plenty of room inside

Epic Deli

2616 Schaid CT.

Mchenry, IL 60051