Eating mangoes once a day will not make you fat!

Eating mangoes once a day will not make you fat!

Eating mangoes in THIS way will not make you fat!
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Eating mangoes in THIS way will not make you fat!

Mangoes– a fruit one wants to eat for all twelve months. However, we get it only in the summers and want to make the most out of it. But along with enjoying the ‘king of fruits’ comes a feeling of guilt of consuming calories and eventually gaining weight. Are you also the one who wants to enjoy its savouring in the form of plain slices after your dinner or shakes and smoothies? We have a catch! While many say that mangoes might not be good for people trying to lose weight, there are a few who shed light on its health benefits. However, that does not mean one eats mangoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wondering how? Read to find more.

Nutritionist Jasleen Kaur told NDTV, “Mangoes are fat free, cholesterol free and salt free and are super fruits for summers. They are great nourishers for the body. Excess of anything makes you gain weight. Similar is the case with mango, if you eat above the calorie limit, you are bound to gain weight.”

Not only her, but even, Rujuta Diwekar threw light on a fact and wrote, “Mango is rich in antioxidants, fibre & even Vit C but you are more likely to have green tea, oats, pills for the exact same nutrients. Not coz they are better. But because the food industry knows how to position, price & package products for a profit.”

Enlisting some more benefits of mangoes here:

1. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants

2. They are an excellent source of vitamin A

3. They are high in potassium

4. They contain a good amount of dietary fibre

5. Mangoes won’t make you fat if eaten in the right way

6. People having diabetes can consume mangoes, but in limited amount

Wondering how to eat mangoes in order to not gain weight, follow these tips:

Make sure that you are eating mango as a standalone snack and not with your large meals.

Control your urge and eat one mango a day.

Go have fun eating mangoes today, thank us later!