Masaba Gupta Is All Hearts For This Hearty South Indian Meal – See Pic

Masaba Gupta Is All Hearts For This Hearty South Indian Meal – See Pic

Masaba Gupta is a self-confessed foodie who likes to share her indulgences on social media. Despite her hectic schedule, the multi-talented star takes out time to treat her tastebuds to some drool-worthy food from time to time. On Thursday, Masaba shared an image of her sumptuous meal that is equal parts nutritious and flavourful.  On Instagram Stories, Masaba has shared a glimpse of a platter loaded with idiyappams, a popular rice noodle dish from Kerala. This was paired with a preparation of red amaranth and cowpea curry cooked with a bunch of spices. On her plate, we could also spot avial, another healthy and flavourful dish of mixed vegetables from Kerala. There was some raita also on the side. The meal was accompanied by a bowl of hearty stew. Masaba, in a detailed caption, elaborated more about the meal.

Tagging the chef Marina Balakrishnan, Masaba stated, “All I really want these days is warm, wholesome, flavourful nutritious food (and chocolate obviously). Thank you for always thinking of me when you think of spinach (8-year-old me would be proud) and thank you for the most delicious vegetarian food in the city. Not a drop of extra oil or extra spice – easy on the gut and even better on the mind which is just stressed and stretched these days.”   

Take a look:

Masaba Gupta appreciated a delicious South Indian meal. 

Masaba Gupta’s love for all things delicious reflects in her food posts. From home-cooked meals to seasonal fruits, she enjoys it all like a true foodie. Once, we saw her digging into the season’s favourite – mangoes. Her Instagram Stories featured the fashion designer seated on a chair chomping on chopped mangoes. For the caption, she wrote, “An aam start to an amazing day.”  

Masaba Gupta, being an ardent foodie, is a strong advocate of healthy eating. The ace fashion designer had shared her struggle with health conditions such as PCOS. Masaba dropped a picture of her healthy meal and added the caption, “Dinner. To stop my butt from leaving my pants.” Her delicious healthy platter featured some boiled beans, lobia curry and a mashed sabzi. Looks like home-cooked food goes a long way in keeping Masaba fit.   

During summers, everyone prefers light meals that taste good and digest easily. Masaba Gupta also prefers yummy meals that are nutritious and not too heavy on the stomach. She kickstarted the summer, this year with a healthy meal. Her platter featured homemade curd rice, baked papad, and a dollop of a pickle on the side. Masaba also explained her feelings about the meal in a long caption. She mentioned that she had started craving cool, light food since it started getting warm in Mumbai.  

We cannot wait to see more of Masaba Gupta’s food adventures! What about you?