Overindulged on Raksha Bandhan? Try these detox tips to cleanse your system | Health

Overindulged on Raksha Bandhan? Try these detox tips to cleanse your system | Health

Raksha Bandhan is the time when we have get-togethers with family and relatives and indulge in high-calorie food. We tend to forget our body’s limits amidst the festive vibes and that may take a toll on our digestive system. Monsoon time especially being the season of several kinds of diseases requires a regular detox as our innate immunity is low during this time.

Ayurveda detox process is different for different ‘prakriti’ people keeping in mind the season. For example, our immunity is low during spring, autumn and monsoon.

Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Ayurvedic expert and formulator for Vedix gives detox tips as per Ayurveda.

For all

Sipping hot water

On festivals like Raksha Bandhan, people sometimes combine milk-based desserts like Kheer with salty meals. In Ayurveda, this is a viruddha ahara that tends to upset our digestion. “Sipping hot water throughout the day helps in release of toxins that have come because of this viruddh ahara, you need to detox,” says Dr. Gandhi.

Detox for Vata people

If you are experiencing gas, bloating, constipation etc, you need a vata detox. You can have hot spiced tea. Trikatu which is a combination of black pepper, long pepper and ginger can be boiled in water and be consumed throughout the day to get your sluggish system moving.

Honey and lemon are very good for kapha people(Pixabay)
Honey and lemon are very good for kapha people(Pixabay)

Detox for Kapha people

If you are have a kapha imbalance, you will experience a lot of heaviness, sleepiness, dullness and laziness after a binge session. “The best thing would be to diet and eat very healthy meals. Avoid solid foods and rely on liquid diets. Hot water with honey and lemon is very good for kapha people. One could skip dinner and have hot water with honey and lemon to detox system if they had a heavy meal in the day. In case of calorie-laden meal at night, lunch can be skipped and followed by a light dinner,” says Dr. Gandhi.

Detox for Pitta people

“For Pitta people, there is something called trisugandhi. It is is dalchini, tejpatta and ilaichi. These three things are very good to balance pitta. If you ask a pitta to stay hungry, it is very difficult for them as they have a lot of energy. Chances are even if they had a very heavy meal they would feel hungry again by the time of next meal. But it is not good for the system because it’s going to burden it and slow it down. For them, having trisugandhi with buttermilk would be good. Because buttermilk will give them calories to burn off while also not causing weight gain and at the same time helping them detox,” added Gandhi.

For all

Dr. Gandhi suggests castor oil to help balance vata for all three prakriti. She says it is best to have castor oil in morning and on a holiday, in hot water (about 2 teaspoons). “What happens is when people take oil at night, it impairs digestion, so it is best taken in morning with hot water. Once you take castor oil, you feel very weak and hungry because your stomach is empty after that and people tend to binge. It’s very important to take castor oil on a holiday so that you can empty your bowels freely. Eat very light and stay on a liquid diet after taking castor oil,” she advises.

Exercise, fasting and warm water are the simplest form of detoxification, she suggests.

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