Purple Carrot review | Live Science

Purple Carrot review | Live Science

Over the last couple of years, the food world has seen a trend for meal kits and plant-based eating. Whether it’s that you’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle for health or environmental reasons, you’re trying to cut back on red meat a few days a week, or you want to learn new ways to cook with your favorite produce, Purple Carrot hopes to be here for you. 

This meal kit, which launched in the wake of larger rival service Blue Apron, has been 100% plant-based from the start. The company ships meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free meals to customers around the country each week. The great part about the service is that the meals are not just for vegans. Each recipe is designed to maximize flavor, incorporate new and interesting ingredients, and offer a well-rounded nutritional profile to keep even the hungriest meat-eaters satisfied. 

Essential information

Cook-in-yourself and heat-and-eat options 

Plans for 2 or 6 servings 

Gluten-free and soy-free options 

Vegan pantry add-ons 

Easy to skip weeks 

Select your own meals 

Most packaging is recyclable 

Meals under 600 calories 

High-protein options 

Some meals take less than 25 minutes