How the Japanese Appetizer Salad Became a Staple Meal Starter

If you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant in America, you’ve experienced the pleasure of the pre-main course ritual. It starts with a piping hot bowl of miso soup and is completed with a small salad of some sort: shaved cabbage drowned in a creamy sesame glaze, crunchy iceberg lettuce topped with a chunky gingery miso sauce, or mixed greens tossed with slick wafu dressing.

You may have had a version of this at Spoon House Bakery and Restaurant, a wafu pasta establishment in Gardena, California with a famous “one dollar salad” that’s composed simply with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and

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TIFF 2021: Denis Villeneuve says Dune: Part One an ‘appetizer’

“In this first one, the truth is, I had to build the foundation of the world,” the Montreal filmmaker says

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For Dune filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, seeing his vision of Frank Herbert’s 1965

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Fish-fry appetizer gets party started

Let’s say you’re having the gang over for a fish fry before summer ends and thoughts turn toward hunting seasons.

You’ll want to put some appetizers out on the table for your guests while that oil is getting nice and hot, and you’re breading those walleye or crappie filets. Here at the shack-ri-la, some crackers, veggies and delicious home-made seafood salad are a home-run hit.

Dip a cracker in that yummy seafood salad or spread it on a celery stick and you’ve got a tasty snack. Back in the day, we’d buy our seafood salad at the grocery store and

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The Best Appetizer At Applebee’s, According To 34% Of People

We love our polls at Mashed. And since we’ve been keeping an eye on Applebee’s — including exploring the real deal behind the popular chain restaurant and which of its menu items we feel rank best — it made sense that we polled to see which of its appetizers are crowd favorites. The results might surprise you.

In a contest among Applebee’s boneless wings, brew pub pretzels, spinach and artichoke dip, mozzarella sticks, and double crunch bone-in wings, we asked 644 U.S. residents which was their must-have Applebee’s appetizer. For the fans at home rooting for the pretzels and bone-in

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Area volleyball teams get conference appetizer with inaugural Badger West-North Division quad | Volleyball

The Eagles came out the big winner as they swept the trio of matches to earn 1½ points. Sauk Prairie came away with convincing sweeps over Baraboo (25-6, 25-19) and Portage (25-9, 25-11) before grinding out the host Beavers in straight sets, 25-23, 25-13.

Behind the Eagles, Reedsburg finished second after topping the T-Birds (25-13, 25-18) and Warriors (25-9, 25-9), while Baraboo won the de facto third-place match over the Warriors, 25-11, 25-23.

Maass saw the minimal let up in the action, which kept the teams on their toes, as a major benefit. And the experience overall was a positive

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Windows 11 in React offers an appetizer on your web browser

Web browsers are have gotten so powerful today that you can even run some operating systems in it, at least the older and lighter ones. Web technologies have also enabled emulators for games and other platforms and all sorts of technological experiments you probably wouldn’t have imagined possible before. The latest insanity is actually running what looks like an instance of Windows 11 in a web browser, though it’s really more like an interactive tour than an actual test drive of Microsoft’s next operating system.

Windows 11 is generating quite a bit of interest or even excitement thanks to the

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