An appetizer idea book inspired by wedding cocktail hours

“Ultimate Appetizer Ideabook: 225 Simple, All-Occasion Recipes” (Chronicle Books, $19.99).
“Ultimate Appetizer Ideabook: 225 Simple, All-Occasion Recipes” (Chronicle Books, $19.99).Handout

For wedding photographers Kiera and Cole Stipovich of Concord, some of their favorite moments to capture are during the cocktail hour. That’s when the bride and groom begin to relax, says Kiera. Snapping also the wonderful collection of hors d’oeuvres served inspired the pair to write the “Ultimate Appetizer Ideabook: 225 Simple, All-Occasion Recipes” (Chronicle Books, $19.99). The chunky, short hardcover reflects the Stipovichs’s career photographing weddings and their roots and passion for cooking. “We both come from families that are food obsessed,” says Kiera, who previously ran a

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Bentonville blogger’s book offers dinner party tips

If your goal is to make and keep friends, then forget Pinterest perfection. That’s the message food blogger Abby Turner relates in her book, “The Living Table: Recipes and Devotions for Everyday Get Togethers” (DaySpring, April 2021).

“Make your home too party perfect and no one will have you over to their place,” she told me last week, when I called to congratulate her on her book. “If you invite people into an authentic home with the mess of life, you aren’t intimidating.”

Well, heck, then come on over!

In 208 deliciously photographed pages (where the food and its presentation

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Exeter, NH Poet Publishes Book About Love, Longing and Loss

One of the owners of The Word Barn in Exeter has published a debut collection of poems and in them, she explores love, longing and loss.

We Hold On To What We Can is by writer and teacher Sarah Alcott Anderson. She says it took 12 years to pull all of the poems together and craft them into a 144-page book.

“Throughout all those years I have revised some of the poems many times, I’ve taken poems out, I’ve changed the title six or seven times. I finally had to commit to certain things like the title and the fact

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