Chef Risa Boyer launches Vanillamore Culinary Experiences

Good news for anyone who was devastated when Montclair restaurant and dessert bar Vanillamore closed in 2020.

Chef/owner Risa Boyer is back, making food in private homes for dinner parties, through her business Vanillamore Culinary Experiences. Oh, how we missed those decadent chocolate cakes and crispy Brussels sprouts with pancetta.

“I wanted to do something that was more manageable lifestyle-wise,” said Boyer, who became a mom about a year ago. “It gives me the ability to do the part of the restaurant industry that I love – cooking.”

Boyer will bring the ingredients and equipment and prepare and serve everything

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What The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Eats, According To Their Chef

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team brought all their power to the Tokyo pitch this year. And, yep, all that hard work definitely paid off. The squad brought home an impressive bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, of course.

And ICYDK, a lot of thoughtful planning made their win possible. It’s not just the coaches and players who lead a team to victory. There are many other factors that help them perform their best in each game. That’s where Teren Green comes in, the private chef for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team.

He’s the man behind all the women’s

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Kids put chef skills to the test, learn healthy food options

Chef Forest Wilson, owner of Chef Will the Palate, partners with Denise Onwere Gallery to host cooking classes for kids.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There’s a saying you should “eat to live” not “live to eat”, and one plant-based chef in Huntsville has taught kids to do just that in his cooking class at Lowe Mill.

He partnered with Denise Onwere Gallery, which hosts these classes during the summer and fall.

Our WZDX News reporter got a look at just how “hands-on” the kids are with healthy eating.

“We’re re-introducing our youth to vegetables in an array of many different

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Chef Amber: Healthy Food Can Be Beautiful, Delicious, and Sexy

I started experimenting out in my kitchen with tumeric and making tonics. I started to notice that my inflammation was going down and that I was feeling better in my body… It wasn’t long before I was getting my customers and staff who were getting off anti-inflammatory medicine, losing weight, feeling better

Amber adds that the Source Café was born out of her desire to heal herself, as well as how she also wanted to help heal other people through the healing properties of food.

It was because of my desperation to feel better

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