The Best Veggie Dogs, Ranked

I’m not willing to admit how many years ago this was now, but when I turned 15, I became a vegetarian. Predictably, because I was a teenager, I was sanctimonious about it, chastising everyone around me for not caring about animals or the earth or whatever else I could think of that they should care about in my extremely informed opinion. Being vegetarian and caring about the world thank you very much was a very outsized part of my personality.

Back then, especially because I was 15 years old with little income and worldliness, I defaulted to what I thought

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Warming Trends: Chilling in a Heat Wave, Healthy Food Should Eat Healthy Too, Breeding Delays for Wild Dogs, and Three Days of Climate Change in Song


70 Degrees in the Shade–in a Heat Wave? 

During last year’s record-shattering late June heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of people died and thousands more suffered from heat-related illnesses as temperatures reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Seattle, 116 in Portland and over 120 in parts of British Columbia. 

But Alexandra Rempel was able to keep the temperature in the lower level of her Oregon home in the mid-70s without using any air conditioning. A building scientist at the University of Oregon, Rempel knew that keeping exterior or insulated shades drawn on sunny windows and opening windows at night

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Low Fat Food for Dogs with Gastrointestinal Issues

Fish, Potato & Pea complete wet food

London, August 2021; Pooch & Mutt premium British health food brand (whose products happen to be consumed by dogs), has introduced a new addition to its grain-free wet dog food range, targeted at those with sensitive digestion and gastrointestinal disease.

Fish, Potato & Pea is the newest flavour launched by the brand to cater to dogs that are overweight or suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or those that are prone to pancreatitis.

Historically, low-fat diets have often contained sub-par ingredients and low levels of protein. Pooch & Mutt have launched vet-approved low-fat wet dog food made

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