Experts Predict This Fall’s Top Beverage Industry Trends

The last year has completely upended the drinks industry. Bars crumbled in favor of at-home drinking. Consumers drank more, or not at all, fueling a wave of non-alcoholic options. Hard seltzer rose, then fell, then paved the way for a whole slew creative RTDs. Sustainability continued to become a larger and larger part of the conversation, while a proliferation of online ordering options made it easier than ever to order booze.

So what’s to come? Experts predict the top beverage industry trends of the season, from what’s next for

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The One Thing Experts Say You Should NEVER Do To Your Eggs (It’s SO Bad For Your Waistline!)

Eggs are one of the best high protein meals you could regularly include in your morning routine for weight loss. Not only are they low in calories and high in nutrients to increase satiety and promote a faster metabolism, but they also are incredibly versatile in the ways in which they can be prepared, making it even easier not to fall into a rut with your cooking so that you can enjoy your eating habits without growing bored. 

But while eggs are typically a valuable addition to your diet and can foster healthy changes within your body, not every method

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Popular Foods That Lead to Body Fat, Say Experts

Trying to figure out which foods quickly transform into body fat could confuse anyone, especially if you’re just starting to learn healthy eating habits. Luckily, we consulted a handful of dietitians and experts who shared what common foods have the potential to pack on the pounds. If you want to slim down and can’t figure out why your diet hasn’t worked, make sure none of these popular foods slow down your progress and lead to body fat.

Read on to learn which popular foods sneakily lead to extra body fat and for maximum results, make sure to check out 40

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The Worst Appetizer You Should NEVER Order At A Restaurant, Experts Say (It Has Over 1,000 Calories!)

There’s no harm in treating yourself to a nice dinner out every week or so, but ordering the wrong foods at a restaurant may seriously disrupt your health. When we cook at home, we can maintain full control of every ingredient that goes into our meals. But at a restaurant, it can be very easy to eat a lot of fattening foods without even realizing it.

And usually, the worst foods we can order tend to be appetizers. Most of us don’t see appetizers as having much potential to be unhealthy because they are usually small portions or shared with

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