Helping kids cultivate healthy eating habits; Santa Cruz County nonprofits making a difference

Making healthy food choices is an important life skill that too many kids just never get the chance to learn. But what if kids were given the opportunity to help grow or cook their own food? Would they adopt healthier eating habits that last a lifetime, and even contribute to the health and wellbeing of others in their community?

Kids with the nonprofit Food What?!

FoodWhat?! students, Spring 2021


Those working with educational nonprofits in Santa Cruz County believe that answer is yes. Life Lab, Farm Discovery at Live Earth, Teen Kitchen Project, and FoodWhat?! are four local organizations that all share the common goal

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Bronzeville grocery store helping to revitalize neighborhood

A Milwaukee grocery store is committed to serving up healthy food to the historically Black neighborhood as the Bronzeville Week celebration continues.”It has been a food desert. Like I said, I worked down the street for many years,” grocery shopper Tasha Elliott said.Elliott said she buys all her fresh produce at Pete’s Fruit Market, the primary grocery store for Bronzeville on Milwaukee’s north side along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive at North Avenue. This is Bronzeville Week, which is celebrating the community as the primary economic and social hub for African Americans in the early- to mid-1900s. Milwaukee needs … Read more