Which meal should be the heaviest

New Delhi: off course our body needs energy and for that we need food. Diet plays important role in our life but more than it is important to know the time and quantity in which it is to be consumed.

Some people suggest that your breakfast should be the heaviest while others recommend that the lunch should be the heaviest, different people have different say and today we will clear all the misconceptions related to it.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers found out that those who eat half of their daily calories

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How the Japanese Appetizer Salad Became a Staple Meal Starter

If you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant in America, you’ve experienced the pleasure of the pre-main course ritual. It starts with a piping hot bowl of miso soup and is completed with a small salad of some sort: shaved cabbage drowned in a creamy sesame glaze, crunchy iceberg lettuce topped with a chunky gingery miso sauce, or mixed greens tossed with slick wafu dressing.

You may have had a version of this at Spoon House Bakery and Restaurant, a wafu pasta establishment in Gardena, California with a famous “one dollar salad” that’s composed simply with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and

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Masaba Gupta Is All Hearts For This Hearty South Indian Meal – See Pic

Masaba Gupta is a self-confessed foodie who likes to share her indulgences on social media. Despite her hectic schedule, the multi-talented star takes out time to treat her tastebuds to some drool-worthy food from time to time. On Thursday, Masaba shared an image of her sumptuous meal that is equal parts nutritious and flavourful.  On Instagram Stories, Masaba has shared a glimpse of a platter loaded with idiyappams, a popular rice noodle dish from Kerala. This was paired with a preparation of red amaranth and cowpea curry cooked with a bunch of spices. On her plate, we could also

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Anushka Sharma Enjoys “Finger Licking Delicious Vegetarian Meal,” Leaves Us Hungry

Anushka Sharma has always been vocal about her fondness for food. Whether it’s some exotic dessert or a full-fledged traditional meal, the actress enjoys it all with much zeal and happiness. However, many times, we have seen her gorging on proper authentic South Indian meals. Well, she is back again with another food post of what looks like her favourite cuisine. Anushka started off the week with a super delicious sadya meal. On her Instagram Stories, we saw a picture of her sumptuous lunch served on a banana leaf. The meal, which was served in a banana leaf, featured a

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Gluten-free diet plan for beginners: Meal ideas & tips

Is a gluten-free diet plan the right choice for you? It’s a question you may well have found yourself asking given the sheer number of articles about the possible benefits of going gluten-free. Although we do not recommend going gluten-free unless you have a medical reason to do so, this gluten-free diet plan for beginners will give you some ideas for hearty gluten-free meals for every time of day. 

Breakfast can typically be a wheat-heavy meal and you may find yourself despairing over how to replace your usual slice of toast with something substantial and gluten-free. We’ve listed a few

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A simple and healthy four-course meal to whip up over the weekend

Every year, from September 1 to September 7, India observes National Nutrition Week. The idea is to create awareness about good nutrition and health. While our columnist Deepika Rathod has shared five basic but essential tips to follow for a healthy body and mind, we also thought of bringing to you some recipes for a wholesome meal that you can whip up over the weekend. 

For this, we reached out to Chef Hemvant Rautela, who works as a kitchen consultant with Nashik-based wellness retreat, Viveda Wellness. He shared four Satvik recipes with traditional flavours. 

1. Khamang Kakadi



This easy recipe

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