The 8 Best Vegan Protein Powders and Best Vegetarian Protein Powders

If you want to get the best results possible when you hit the gym, you can’t just expect results without supplements. You need to fuel your body up with the right nutrients and ingredients to get the best results possible. This means for many that a good protein powder needs to be used before, during, and after a workout. But for vegans, that isn’t usually the case with most powders. That’s why vegans need to find and use the best vegan protein powders.

“There is no reason that someone who eats a vegan or vegetarian diet can’t build just as

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Should You Add Protein to Your Coffee?

What do you get when you take a protein drink or powder and mix it with cold-brewed coffee or iced espresso shots? Proffee, according to the viral trend on TikTok. The hashtag has amassed more than four million views, with even medical practitioners in scrubs touting the concoction as a protein-packed pick-me-up that aids in weight loss.

While the specific ingredients of proffee can vary from person to person, sometimes involving almond milk, sugar-free syrups, stevia, or even zero-sugar chocolate syrup, Tara Collingwood, RDN, a registered dietitian based in Orlando, Florida, explains that it usually involves some type of

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Foods with high protein, saturated fatty acids linked to better thyroid function

August 19, 2021

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Eating more foods that are high in protein and saturated fatty acids is associated with better thyroid function, according to findings from a cross-sectional study published

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7 High Protein Snacks for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain, Dietitian-Approved

1. Protein-boosted chocolate chunk banana bread with peanut butter

Banana bread with peanut butter.

Banana bread with peanut butter.

Rachel Hosie

Adding too much protein powder to baked goods can often make the texture rubbery, but if you add just the right amount, you still get a fluffy, moist cake that also keeps you full and helps you reach your fitness goals.


  • 200g (2 1/4 cups) oats
  • 3 scoops vanilla protein
  • 4 tbsp powdered peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed meal
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 4 ripe bananas
  • 80ml (1/3 cup) oat milk (or other milk)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
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Plant-Based Protein vs. Whey Protein: Which Is Better?

Protein powders are among the most popular nutrition supplements on the market.

To accommodate different dietary restrictions and lifestyles, many manufacturers provide both whey protein powder — derived from cow’s milk — and plant-based alternatives.

With so many types of protein powders available, you may wonder if any specific type is superior and which one suits your needs and preferences.

This article compares plant-based and whey protein powders to help you decide which one is best for you.

There are many similarities and differences between plant-based and whey protein powders.

How they’re made

Most whey protein powders are isolated from

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Why a meat-free diet boosts health: protein levels might hit the spot : Research Highlights


An analysis shows that the amino-acid profiles of vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous diets are similar.

Vegetarians, vegans and omnivores end up consuming similar ratios of amino acids, regardless of whether their menus lean more heavily on beef, beans or Greek yogurt — implying that protein type is not responsible for the health benefits of plant-based diets.

Plant-based diets have been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Vegans and vegetarians tend to eat less protein than meat-eaters, but it’s not clear which aspect of a meat-free diet confers benefits.

Michael MacArthur

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