6 Terrific Oyster Sauce Substitutes

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If you’re making a dish that calls for oyster sauce but don’t have any on hand — or, conversely, don’t eat seafood — you can substitute other condiments.

Oyster sauce is a sweet and salty condiment made primarily from oyster juices, salt, and sugar. It also boasts umami, which is a savory, tangy flavor.

It’s commonly used in Asian cuisines, including Chinese and Thai dishes, for stir-fries, meat marinades, and dipping sauces.


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Sauteed mushrooms with chile-garlic sauce make an umami-packed vegetarian main dish

My introduction to mushrooms created a prejudice that took years to overcome. They were canned. I remember them being spongy, a bit slick and the taste I recall most clearly was salt.

So, for years, I said no to mushrooms in or on anything. Big mistake.

While I’m not one for proselytizing when it comes to food — you like what you like — I hate to think of anyone missing out the way I did just because they’ve never had well-prepared fresh mushrooms.

Anti-mushroom sentiment is a difficult one to overcome. Case in point: As I was buying an

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