Summer ice cream trends, Pop-Tart cookies, HOM bars and a gold winner

Summer 2022 ice cream trends

Food Union – a global dairy and ice cream producer – has revealed its 2022 launch of summer novelties, which includes 80+ products across its key markets in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and Romania.

Leveraging its strength in product innovation and development, the company has created a spectrum of novel ice creams that span healthy alternatives to bold experiments and flavours to meet local preferences.

“Our approach to developing and launching new and exciting ice cream novelties stands out in the new product portfolio of 2022,”​ said Artūrs Čirjevskis, CEO of Food Union,

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9 ways to protect your heart and brain from the summer heat

(tommaso79/iStock via Getty Images)

Your favorite summertime playlist probably has more songs about surfing than about potential health risks. But with much of the nation having already sweated out a historic heat wave in June, health experts would like to add a note of caution to the mix.

Hot weather is like a stress test for your heart, said Dr. Lance Becker, chair of emergency medicine at Northwell Health, a health care provider in New York. And some people respond poorly to such stress. “They could have a heart attack. Their congestive heart failure symptoms could get much worse. Or

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Three easy appetizers for summer gatherings

Summer means casual get-togethers, and with most of my friends and family being double-boosted this year, I hope to have several in-person visits. Having gone two summers without much socializing, I want to spend more time visiting and less time cooking. These three simple appetizers are low fuss but high in taste.

Spinach Dip served in a sourdough boule.

Spinach Dip served in a sourdough boule.

(Anita L. Arambula / Confessions of a Foodie)

Spinach dip for the spinach haters

I didn’t grow up eating spinach; my father found it bitter, so my mom never bought it. That is, until my late teens, upon my doctor’s recommendation,

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10 easy vegetarian recipes for hot summer days

Make the meal decision to cook or not to cook, but don’t feel overwhelmed finding a delicious summer vegetarian dinner.

Whether it’s a meatless Monday or a plate of grilled steak or chicken just doesn’t sound appealing on a hot evening, eating plant-based is easy. Opt for a cooling, chilled salad or a heartier lasagna packed with loads of zucchini at peak season. Whichever sounds best, here are 10 of our favorite meatless summer recipes, five of which require no cooking whatsoever.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

To cook:



Try this traditional French dish on any

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10 Summer Dinner Party Ideas for your next BBQ or outdoor party

There are a few weeks left to the summer season, and once they’re over, we may be able to look forward to an extended summer, if the early fall is warm enough that is.

During the hot summer months, you really don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove all day long, but you still want to eat well, so we decided to take a look at some recipes and ideas so you can eat and drink like kings and queens and don’t have to work too hard to do it.

Here are 10 food and drink ideas that’ll

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Weekly Meal Plan: Summer Meals You Can Make From Pantry Staples!

Summer is a time for cool and refreshing recipes, but sometimes you don’t want to just eat fruit and raw vegetable every single day. So, how do you stay cool while eating filling meals? This meal plan is your answer! From waffles that you can top with delicious in-season fruits to raw cookie dough bites for dessert, this meal plan will not only keep you cool, but keep you fueled throughout your day. The best thing about these meals is you can use frozen vegetables and frozen fruit if you don’t have fresh ones on hand.

We also highly recommend

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