Local Food Builds Health, Community and Sustainability

PROVIDENCE — Seven weeks before the ceremonial ribbon cutting and months before the premises would be ready to host their businesses, the owners of the new building’s two restaurants whetted their appetite for local food with a visit to 404 Broad St.

Adena “Bean” Marcelino, the owner and operator of Black Beans PVD, and Darell Douglas and Giovanna Rodriguez, the owners of D’s Spot, roamed the construction-equipment lined halls and rooms of Southside Community Land Trust’s (SCLT) soon-to-be headquarters in wonderment. They couldn’t wait to get started in their new digs.

The three food-related businesses, including Luna Walker’s Lu’s Mini

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Orange Mound sustainability hub will bring fresh food to Memphians

Laresia and Austin Avery have big dreams. They want to see food waste and food deserts eliminated, helping vulnerable communities get access to fresh, healthy food and mitigating the impacts of waste in the process. They want to see it happen on a national scale, but first, they’re trying to eliminate waste and hunger in Memphis.

The couple behind Fish-n-loaves, a Memphis nonprofit dedicated to eliminating food waste and feeding people in food deserts, have seen success with an aquaponic farm and food distribution center in Frayser. Now, they’replanning to open another sustainability hub in Orange Mound, the next

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