South Providence healthy food hub aims to tackle local food insecurity

PROVIDENCE — A new healthy food hub in South Providence will bring fresh produce to a community with limited options. 

On Friday, elected officials joined local leaders to unveil the 12,000-square-foot facility run by the Southside Community Land Trust, a nonprofit organization founded more than 40 years ago to establish the first community garden in the area.

The expansive building at 404 Broad St. will house two restaurants, a small grocer offering produce and African foods and a farm-to-market center where farmers from Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls and Cranston can bring their crops.

Margaret DeVos, the land trust’s executive director,

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Ypsi-area programs tackle food insecurity by making healthy food easier to access

When Alex Ball was a teenager living with his family in downtown Romulus, the only grocery store in town closed down. 

“I’d never thought about food that much, but when the store closed down and our neighbors had no access to fresh food, I started wondering, ‘How can I fix this?'” Ball says. “So, at age 18, I started researching and reading and did some small-scale backyard farming.”

That first backyard garden kicked off a journey that would lead Ball to become a farmer at the young age of 18, eventually buying his own piece of land in Sumpter Township

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