Vegetarian: Bean and veggie wraps filled with nutrients, taste

Editor’s note: The food section will begin to offer a selection of recipes that cater to diverse food practices, such as eating gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. Starting this week, we will label articles accordingly whenever possible.

Black beans, mushrooms, spinach leaves and Cheddar cheese find themselves tasty and nutrient-rich partners in this quick wrap sandwich.

4 fat-free flour tortillas (6 to 8 inch)

2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms (5 oz)

1 medium onion, cut lengthwise in half, then cut crosswise into thin slices

1 can (15 oz.) black beans, drained, rinsed

4 cups fresh spinach leaves

½ cup

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Slow cooker makes workday meals easier | Taste

After spending about a year and a half working from home, I’m now back in the office.

That also means I can’t put something in the oven while working or prep for dinner. The slow cooker is my friend once again for making dinner on a weeknight.

Since I had some pork chops in my fridge, I went online to find an easy slow cooker pork chop recipe.

Several recipes had pork chops smothered in a lot of gravy, which is good, but I didn’t want something that heavy, especially in the recent heat.

So I choose pork chops cooked

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TikTok Weird Food Trends: Mustard on Watermelon is Viral Now But How’s the Taste?

TikTok Weird Food Trends: Mustard on Watermelon is Viral Now But How's the Taste?

(Photo : JeannieSays via screenshot from Twitter )
Should you try the popular TikTok food trend involving mustard and watermelon? Here’s what the people discovered about its taste.

TikTok is known for the strangest challenges and food trends that people find interesting–and sometimes disappointing. The latest Watermelon and Mustard trend will tour you to another world through your tastebuds.

At first glance, those who have no idea about this weird combination might ignore the best possible taste of this pair, yet some people who have tried it shared various sentiments.

TikTok Food Trend: Mustard-Watermelon Combination

A TikTok user named Lizzo

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