Metabolism May Not Decline With Age as Previously Thought

Many of us hold two tenets of weight loss as undisputed truths: It’s much harder to shed excess pounds or maintain a healthy weight as we age because our metabolism slows down, and women struggle with this more than men because of a naturally slower metabolism.

But a new study published in August 2021 in Science suggests that neither of these maxims are true. Metabolism, the rate at which the body burns energy, has long been thought to decline during middle age as people gradually lose muscle mass.

For the study, researchers assessed metabolism by measuring total energy expenditure, which

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Food for Thought hosting garden party with craft beer, locally made appetizers

Wyoming Food For Thought Project executive director Jamie Purcell gives Two Fly Foundation board member Kim DeVore a tour of the garden at Food For Thought’s main location in north Casper in 2017. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Wyoming Food for Thought Project is hosting a garden party Thursday, August 19, in the evening to celebrate the success of its urban gardens.

“The gardens are more abundant this year than ever,” said Jamie Purcell, executive director of the program. “And the thing we hear over and over again is that people

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