Summer ice cream trends, Pop-Tart cookies, HOM bars and a gold winner

Summer 2022 ice cream trends

Food Union – a global dairy and ice cream producer – has revealed its 2022 launch of summer novelties, which includes 80+ products across its key markets in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and Romania.

Leveraging its strength in product innovation and development, the company has created a spectrum of novel ice creams that span healthy alternatives to bold experiments and flavours to meet local preferences.

“Our approach to developing and launching new and exciting ice cream novelties stands out in the new product portfolio of 2022,”​ said Artūrs Čirjevskis, CEO of Food Union,

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Warming Trends: Chilling in a Heat Wave, Healthy Food Should Eat Healthy Too, Breeding Delays for Wild Dogs, and Three Days of Climate Change in Song


70 Degrees in the Shade–in a Heat Wave? 

During last year’s record-shattering late June heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of people died and thousands more suffered from heat-related illnesses as temperatures reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Seattle, 116 in Portland and over 120 in parts of British Columbia. 

But Alexandra Rempel was able to keep the temperature in the lower level of her Oregon home in the mid-70s without using any air conditioning. A building scientist at the University of Oregon, Rempel knew that keeping exterior or insulated shades drawn on sunny windows and opening windows at night

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Experts Predict This Fall’s Top Beverage Industry Trends

The last year has completely upended the drinks industry. Bars crumbled in favor of at-home drinking. Consumers drank more, or not at all, fueling a wave of non-alcoholic options. Hard seltzer rose, then fell, then paved the way for a whole slew creative RTDs. Sustainability continued to become a larger and larger part of the conversation, while a proliferation of online ordering options made it easier than ever to order booze.

So what’s to come? Experts predict the top beverage industry trends of the season, from what’s next for

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TikTok Weird Food Trends: Mustard on Watermelon is Viral Now But How’s the Taste?

TikTok Weird Food Trends: Mustard on Watermelon is Viral Now But How's the Taste?

(Photo : JeannieSays via screenshot from Twitter )
Should you try the popular TikTok food trend involving mustard and watermelon? Here’s what the people discovered about its taste.

TikTok is known for the strangest challenges and food trends that people find interesting–and sometimes disappointing. The latest Watermelon and Mustard trend will tour you to another world through your tastebuds.

At first glance, those who have no idea about this weird combination might ignore the best possible taste of this pair, yet some people who have tried it shared various sentiments.

TikTok Food Trend: Mustard-Watermelon Combination

A TikTok user named Lizzo

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