How To Heat-Proof Your Summer Workout

Treadmill fatigue is real. That’s why at the first hints of spring many indoor exercisers are outside faster than you can say manual or hills program. But when summer hits, some regions get hot — really hot. And this year, as climate change continues to push Earth’s weather to extremes, entire swaths of the U.S. have experienced record-breaking levels of heat.

So, what’s an exerciser who can’t face heading back indoors to do? Yeah, yeah, get up earlier to beat the heat — thanks early birds for the advice. But let’s get real: For some of us, that just

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Bodybuilder Tries Michael Phelps’ Workout and 12,000-Calorie Diet

YouTuber Will Tennyson has taken on the training regimes and diet plans of some of the world’s fittest athletes and celebrities in the name of making content for his channel, eating and working out like bodybuilder turned movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Jacked Chef” Andre Rush, strongman Brian Shaw, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and Navy SEAL David Goggins. In his latest video, he faces one of his biggest challenges yet: spending a day following the routine of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, winner of no fewer than 23 gold medals.

“His training is pretty intense, but his diet is even more intense,”

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